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Originally Posted by SS454 View Post
Good to see another RGB monitor out there. Nothing better.

It's the cheapest, but not "value for money".

The picture is rubbish. Amiga resolutions don't scale cleanly to any of the ones it can output, it samples wrong so you end up with weirdy horizontal banding, it can't deal with the sync properly, so you end up with a ghosting mouse cursor unless you buffer it...

Some people think it's scaling is better than an LCD on its own, but that's not saying much. The scaling IC is actually one used in cheapy LCD TVs anyway! And you have to assemble everything yourself.

Second hand HD sky box for about £10, HDMI to VGA adapter. Plug Amiga scart lead into sky box, plug sky box into monitor.

Cheaper, more effective, no time and money spent faffing.
Wow so this sky box trick will work with hi res modes for amiga?
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