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I have been following this thread almost from the beginning and while I highly appreciate the efforts Jens has been putting in the ACA500, I too have to admit I am disappointed in the direction it is going to.

From an internal 030 with a nice amount of ram it went to an 020, to a plain 68000 with only a tiny amount of ram, to an external 'solution'.

The 68000 I can live with, as I don't really need much extra speed for my 500 (anything above standard is nice, but not vital as I have other Amigamodels for that). The amount of ram is to low to be usable to me though, while an external solution is also not acceptable for me. Too bad, it looked nice while it lasted.

I'm thinking about going the route of an internal 8 MB ram expansion and an internal cf-ide without a faster cpu.
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