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X-bEnCh 0.84b is out !

You can download it at :

There'll be some other 0.8x release to update and fix the actuals features and add some options, features and bonus.
The futures 0.9x releases will be the next big step before the final 1.0 release and will include some new bigs and cools features that are already in the state of Work In Progress.

What's new in this release:

-Now the cLi is fully fixed. Should work fine with all setups.
-Internal improvements to be ready for an Xb0.9x killing feature!
-You can now switch On/Off the init fader in the setup with the "Startup" tab.
-Removed an useless file check on startup.
-Added an init sequence progress bar.
-The release number is no more displayed in the init sequence.
-If the init has failed, it's now reported in the xb init screen.
-The init errors reports are now more "verbose".
-Key repeat delay upped in the menu.
-Updated the

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