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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
You are assuming too much and not reading enough.

Whatever existing hardware you have for your 500: If it's not in the trapdoor expansion, it must be removed.
I own a Blizzard 1240 with scsi kit, that's the reason I wouldn't need any CF controller.

The 1200-connector can *only* be used for selected accelerators (currently only ACAC1231 and ACA1232). It cannot be used for memory expansions or other controllers.
That's the problem and that's the reason I'd like to have a jumper to disable all ACA500 goodies with the exception of the A1200 cpu slot: I already have A1240+scsi kit, I don't need ACA500's CF/RAM/68000/ROM, I just need a working A1200 cpu slot.
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