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I have a bit of a dilemma, I always wanted a Blizzard (?) 1220 card which was a 28mhz 020 plus a bit of 32bit fast ram (4mb I think) as it was cheap and well basically a 28mhz 020 and 28mhz 030 really don't affect the things I will use and work the same speed more or less.

Now there is the ACA 1220 and it looks like a great deal EXCEPT I may plug it in and it may not even work. I am not going to take a soldering iron to my 1200s though and risk destroying yet more of my collection so what to do?

Both my machines are C= units and one is even a UK launch day purchase. The other was in the Computer Combat pack which I just picked up and is split mint totally unyellowed. And yet despite this I have no easy way of knowing if these good value ACA 1220 25mhz units will work on them gahhh!!!
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