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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Now, that's not quite what i said. I can see a market for this, no doubt there.
You said this:

Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
but from where i'm sitting the ACA500 is actually useless,
Seems fairly clear to me.

yeah I know, context etc etc (I was being a bit naughty I know)

Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Some, some wont. For some it's going to be more then enough with the hardware on this thingy, it will run most the WHDLoads of A500 games, especially if the maker is still around, and can tweak it a little.

The Zeus is a interesting piece of kit, but it looks like they are going in a direction that is going to end up being overkill for what it is, and not being able to provide any extra value for what it got, so to speak. But indeed, your right. Not a whole lot of WHDLoads are tested on A500, for the simple reason that it's not really that easy to test on. A unexpanded A500 simply wont do, and anyone building a expanded platform up until now have been putting their cash on a A1200, for the simple reason they got more value for their money that way.
I'm quite certain the A500 will be a viable none AGA WHDLoad machine with both the ACA500, and the Zeus, as soon as people have had a chance to adapt their code.
Im about to sell my pimped out a500+ because without an 020 there's too many WHDLoad compatibility issues - when I first heard about the aca520 (as it was then) I was very excited and while my preference is for internal I'd still buy a well designed external 020 a500 solution.

Due to all these issues with 68k/010 and WHDLoad I went and built a "more stock" a500 using a HxC RevC SD Floppy Drive, a 512kchip/512k slow ram and Toms 8mb Fast Ram which can be turned on and off via software. I'll also add a custom 1.3rom (w/ KS3.1 SCSI.device) and an CF-IDE68k from Mika for those multidisk adventure games that supported HDD installation.

My new a1200 (paid for today from Petro) will be my WHDLoad machine and I will buy one of Jens aca12xx products for that (havent decided which one yet).
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