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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
I think you summed it up well mr.B, disappointing and useless.
Now, that's not quite what i said. I can see a market for this, no doubt there.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Jens, a500 owners want a proper expansion with at least an 020 and a decent amount of ram .... And internal is preferred.
Some, some wont. For some it's going to be more then enough with the hardware on this thingy, it will run most the WHDLoads of A500 games, especially if the maker is still around, and can tweak it a little.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Frankly the Zeus has ruled itself out for me too because I've been finding too many whdload games and Demos that were not tested on a500/a600's with 68k/68010's and as a result don't work.
The Zeus is a interesting piece of kit, but it looks like they are going in a direction that is going to end up being overkill for what it is, and not being able to provide any extra value for what it got, so to speak. But indeed, your right. Not a whole lot of WHDLoads are tested on A500, for the simple reason that it's not really that easy to test on. A unexpanded A500 simply wont do, and anyone building a expanded platform up until now have been putting their cash on a A1200, for the simple reason they got more value for their money that way.
I'm quite certain the A500 will be a viable none AGA WHDLoad machine with both the ACA500, and the Zeus, as soon as people have had a chance to adapt their code.
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