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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

don't just look at pictures - the text that I posted with that on is the more interesting part: It's not certain that this board shape is routable. There is no "general win" in such a flat design, other than looks. The cost of making another prototype is not just money, but another 3 weeks for routing and verification.

You could make the section that connects to the A500 slightly wider so the traces fit.

I think this design is easier to fit in a case, and perhaps slightly simpler to build (no long pins required to connect to the A500 side). It would probably leave more space for future expansions (Clockport cards, flashrom, USB2 or Ethernet in case you planned to release that kind of expansions).

For me having a jumper with the possibility of disabling all hardware (CF/RAM/68000) but the A1200 cpu slot would be perfect as I already have a scsi board.
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