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Originally posted by Interceptor
a good reason to chose minimal and not best settings is to save CPU time on emulating much more complex graphics hardware 50 times a second, when the bog standard one will do.
You got the point!
AGA games torturing the gfx chips like Banshee even demand all of my Athlon Thunderbird. And with that kind of games, I even have to switch frame-skip ratio to 1/2 ('Every second frame') in Display settings because sound is too choppy!

Thus, it does NOT make sense to use an AGA/68020 or AGA/68040 configuration if you want to play a game written for OCS.
You just risk sound chops because of turning WinUAE into a major CPU hog, playing an old game written for an A500 machine!
I don't think that's worth the trouble - UNLESS it's necessary (-> Banshee).
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