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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
If I were Jens, then I too would find that difficult.

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
However, then you follow that up with:

I really can't see that great a contrast between "many hundreds" for those pieces and "$100aud" for the ACA500 with its shortcomings (and bear in mind that the design is not yet frozen).
That's money spent across both of them - prolly an average of $150 each or there abouts. but my point is that from a specs POV aca500 is weak - slightly faster 68k and 2MB of ram + CF-IDE - it's not good value for $100aud when you can get CF-IDE68k + 8MB fast ram + 68010 (for WHDLoad quit key) for the same money.

Having a slightly faster 68k isnt going to fix the problem that a sizable percentage of WHDLoad games were ported for a1200's and require a 68020 to work (they crash out) - there's been about 3 I've come across in the last week (thought my 500+ was faulty at 1st but it was not).

When the pokey little a600 get's a 68020 board with 8mb ram and the capacious and much more awesome a500 doesnt it makes you wonder why Jens is bothering at all. Especially when he makes comments like this:

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I could care less about the A500
PS, I actually like the idea of the a1200 expansion connector but think the basic aca500 unit should be a decent upgrade on it's own.
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