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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
I never had one so wouldnt know - but just from an aesthetics + historical perspective, imo it really needs to be horizontal like the classic a500 expansions from GVP etc. that way you could have the aca12xx cards mount directly above the aca500 board as was suggested by others.
Maybe the release version will look more like that.

It's probably cheaper to have a vertical configuration for prototyping.

@Thread: There has been a lot of criticism here concerning the ACA500 in particular.

In the interests of healthy debate, it is worth airing your views on the bad features of these new products as well as the good. But please bear in mind that an avalanche of sniping criticism may deter Jens in future from sharing his plans with us during the development phase.

A little more tact wouldn't go amiss sometimes. Thankyou.
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