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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
If it was just for the existing customers, I could care less about the A500, as you guys all have a maxed-out A1200 at home already.

Sorry but I call BS on that Jens! Many of us (myself included) have 500's and fondest memories of this unit as it was our first Amiga!

Eg I'm just finishing building my 2nd a500 project and have spent many hundreds on parts from Mika, Tom and Brian! Just wonder over to amibay or if you want to see plenty of great a500 projects!

Only now have I ordered an a1200 from Petro!

If I was new to the Amiga retro scene (which i was less than 12 months ago) and your aca500 was available + other bits and peices from those mentioned I'd struggle to justify spending $100aud on your aca500. Reason being its tiny ram, external and its gonna be ugly as hell sticking up like that!
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