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Originally Posted by nikos.rizos View Post
Batteries & capacitor issues will not be solved by a huge external design (when combined with an ACA1231 or ACA1232) like the pyramids of egypt. Batteries & capacitor issues will still be there no matter how easy or difficult the installation will be...internal or external.
Of course not, thats my point.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Such cases are not exactly rare, and they cost time, money and most of all: nerves.
Hey now, don't make the Amiga comunity out to look that bad. We still haven't demanded you on a pole, dressed in tar and feathers, carried out of town, chanting "Indivision software - Where is it" ;- )

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
This is the part where "advertising" comes in: Make it cheap, make it seen on other channels as well, and we gain a few new faces in our groups. That's the whole target of making the ACA500. If it was just for the existing customers, I could care less about the A500, as you guys all have a maxed-out A1200 at home already.
Your not the least bit worried about the huge number of A500's that have been stored away on a shelf in the attic for god knows how many years, and since it worked when it got put there, it should work now as well, and it's your stuff that made their A500 not work anymore?

The rest of us knows there can be both battery & capacitor damage to the PCB, or the caps could simply be dead, but a new to the scene owner of a A500 wont know this. I sure hope you got a strategy for this, coz i'm sure worried about this, more then anything else. You've been providing first rate hardware over and over, so i'm fairly confident your hardware will be good this time to, but how do one make sure the costumer doesn't make a poor judged buy, and then give you a bad rep over it.
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