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Originally Posted by nikos.rizos View Post
Most of that people who visit eab/a1k/amibay/ know how to do this. How to install an internal solution
That's one group of people, but definitely not the group that I'm targetting. Besides, you forgot to mention another group that is included in yours: Those who *think* they're skilled enough to install an internal solution, but actually aren't. You'd have to pay for their returns as well, because those are mostly the customers who are "always right" and would never pay for damage that they have done. They return a product mechanically damaged+incomplete and demand a refund (no joke!). Such cases are not exactly rare, and they cost time, money and most of all: nerves.

Originally Posted by nikos.rizos View Post
If some one is not a collector or into amigas the last few years in general a) he couldn't know of such a product existed because he would never visit eab, vesalia, amigakit and b) he wouldnt find this necessary.
This is the part where "advertising" comes in: Make it cheap, make it seen on other channels as well, and we gain a few new faces in our groups. That's the whole target of making the ACA500. If it was just for the existing customers, I could care less about the A500, as you guys all have a maxed-out A1200 at home already.

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