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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
Ok, i copied everything again and now, i got some success. Please see the attachement and comment, if it´s ok or not.
Well that is my default about requester. You appear to have skipped the ROM updates. With a 3.9 ROM you should get the same requester as me - or you could change the ReqAttack preferences from 3.9 to 3.1.

Originally Posted by elowan View Post
The next step should be to get rid of the old "Ramdisk icon" and replace it with a new one. This is not that easy to manage, i guess?
It is very easy - it is just a def_icon. You just can't see it because it is a disk icon. You can use a program like DirOpus4 or ClassAction to see these. (def_ram, def_cdo, def_df0, def_pc0 e.t.c.) You can just copy the icons you want into env-archive to replace them. If they are of a different type you can change them to disk type afterwards.

You can link the Ram Disk icon with it's deficon by adding this line to your user-startup:

C:MakeLink ENVARC:SYS/ soft

Then you can snapshot it's position and change it's image like other icons.

Originally Posted by elowan View Post
I worked on another conversion-step: def-icons. I changed some of them (most replacements are still missing, for example for the different audiofiles,
There are lots of audio def_icons in the def_tunenet drawer of this archive:

Originally Posted by elowan View Post
I thought, the system now displays the new icons, instead of the old ones - but it doesn´t

For example, i replaced "def_library" with a new icon (see attachement), but still all (library)files got the old icon. Same for new folders, etc.

Aren´t the "def_icons" the system defaults (placeholders)?
You need to reboot or replace them in Env: as well. Not all of them will work though as the default DefIcons prefs are rubbish. E.g to get prefs files to show the right image you must find the Pref entry in DefIcons preferences and change it to Prefs (to match def_prefs) then it needs moving much higher up the list to ensure it is not recognised as something else first. I also found that PDF needed to be put higher up. I have made quite a few changes to my DefIcons prefs but it still needs a lot of work...
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