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Hey Jens.

I honestly don't know what to say.

I am somehow disappointed. I wanted to have an internal solution for the 500 so bad that this is a big let down for me.

I can understand the concept of "girlfriend-installation-test" to make this as easy to install as possible.

But lets face it. Your target group is people that had a 500 back in the day and still have it somewhere and have time to use it.

Most of that people who visit eab/a1k/amibay/ know how to do this. How to install an internal solution

Most of the people who don't frequently visit them sites but are amiga users I bet you that can install this if it was an internal solution.

I could never understand why you had to emphasize so much on "girlfriend-installation-friendly"

Who is going to buy a product (internal or external) to use his 500 after 20+ years if he is not into amigas or have a knowledge of computers in general.

Some mates of mine that had a 500 back in the day, when I showed them my 500 with a Viper520CD some months ago, they couldn't care less for an accelerator for a 500, WHDLoad or anyhting like that. For them a PC with WinUAE and quick blast once every some day is enough to bring back some memories

Give them some floppies, a good old competition pro joystick and that's more than enough for a trip down memory lane.

If some one is not a collector or into amigas the last few years in general a) he couldn't know of such a product existed because he would never visit eab, vesalia, amigakit and b) he wouldnt find this necessary.

So why all this fuss for "girlfriend-installation-friendly"?

Please don't get me wrong. You are doing a great job for the amiga community and I have to thank you for this, but I think this is not the best thing for the legendary 500

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