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I know, for me, i'd get a feeling of rejection from this external beast. I know, it's actually the "right" way to do it, but i would want my upgrades to be unseen and un noticed. I could barely get my self to cut the PCMCIA slot to make room for the CF card above it, leaving me with a transfer port on my A1200. (Main CF is internal.) As luck may have it, i'm not a A500 owner, so not only does Jens have it right, he can't please everyone, but also, he wont even lose a sale over me not being that exited by the look.

And, Jens, keep bringing the good stuff to the Amiga scene. The hardware is pretty much always great, it's a bit sad the software for the MKII still isn't here, but there is nothing but waiting for me to do at that point.
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