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a good reason to chose minimal and not best settings is to save CPU time on emulating much more complex graphics hardware 50 times a second, when the bog standard one will do.

why buy a horse to collect your newspaper from the front door when a small dog will suffice?

perhaps only to show off your horse

truth is, your best bet, not only for this game, for any game, is emulate the machine it's targetted for.

there is no reason to play marble madness on an a1200 config. a basic a500 config, which includes a 68000 not 68020, would have worked fine. and that's the advice you'll get around here all round.

what you say about backward compatibility isnt the case really, certainly not back in that day, otherwise the 68020 would be 100% compatible, as would the aga chipset.

the amiga world was much different that the current pc one.

trying to be clever is going to cost you more time and greif, and make it more difficult for people to help you out.

that's my tip. hope it helps
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