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Yeah, I did actually try this. I first downloaded Lynx, but couldn't really figure out how to install it because it didn't have an install script...I'm really *nix stupid. If it ain't got an install script, forget about it.

I also tried to install Voyager, because that's the only graphics-enabled web browser that I could find (for some reason, the Ibrowse site wasn't coming up right that day). Voyager spits out an error when I start it up saying that I was missing something like the vimgdecoder-68000 (I'm at work right now, and can't check the exact filename it's saying I was missing). I looked in the Voyager directories and found several vimgdecoders (60820, 68040, 68060, etc,) but no 68000. So I gave up on that.

I'll try to install AWeb or Ibrowse tonight, since I see that I can get to the Ibrowse site finally.
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