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So I'm trying to get this running for for GameBase! At the moment the board isn't detected at all, probably due to the corrosion that is on the connector pins and was also on the A1200's edge connector!

Here she was before any work done:

As you can see damage is severe and goes into the tracks under the PCB

Now. To try and save it!

First thing is to remove the battery and take a bath in Distilled Vinegar:

After a long time in the bath and may scrubbing I was able to get a lot of the corrosion off but I just can't get it all, I fear to scrub harder would cause more damage so I've cleaned and rinsed with IPA.

As you can see it looks a lot better, I fear it will be a Miracle if it works however once dry I will test! The only worry is the corrosion that remains will probably spread again

If it does work, maybe it can give GameBase user a few months or maybe a years service? Let's see when I test later - fingers crossed!

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