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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Check IDEfixPrefs. Change settings from "auto" to what you actually have.

Also check startup-sequence. Make sure that only one IDEfix program is called, either LoadIDE RESET or IDEfix. And only once. (If you want >4G support you need LoadIDE).

To work with CF cards you might also need this:
Removing idefix doesn't seem to make a difference and ideprefs looks okay there isn't much to change. As for the CF card, it's not exactly a CF card as it's in a CF to IDE adapter so it's seen as a regular IDE hard drive. It was working fine without additional drivers along with the other hard drive about 5 days ago.

It's possible I could have damaged the ide cable when changing hard drives I guess, I will try another one tomorrow to see if that is the problem.
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