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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Slowdowns are never intended, if it's "constantly slowed down" it was because the routine took too long on some model and you went for half framerate instead.
I agree. However I like the fact that some coders are more imaginative in disguising the Amiga's technical shortcomings using various tricks/techniques. A lazier or less skilled coder would have just let the whole screen come to a grinding halt... It's like project X, colourful, tons of sprites on the screen with smooth scrolling (well the screen scroll), however the sprites are drawn at half the frame rate but due to the nature of the game it's hardly noticable.

I remember when Ruff n Tumble was released, my friend at the time hated it. He didn't like the fact that the coder sacrificed the smooth scrolling for it's overall visual fidelity...I on the other hand just loved it!
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