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I read in Amiga World magazine of one program to edit and compile ANIM files with sound into executables, and was said there that it gives a big increase in the framerate. Its name was ClariSSA and can be found on Amiga Future website.

With programs like ADPro, ProControl, AnimWorkshop etc... I guess should be possible to create full motion videos with them and ClariSSA, following what that magazine said, but I never tried it.

What it does is compile the frames and sound of the animation into inline code that uses the blitter to draw every pixel of the animation. Like Photon said earlier, this was the biggest bottleneck for making full motion video on Amiga, and ClariSSA was said to overcome it at most animations with sound.

Since tdm started the development of the HV format, and it works well, would be good to him if he continue the project of the development of this file format, and maybe one day turn it into some ClariSSA of the 21th century or even into a file format competitor of AVI/MPG, maybe a "jit video format" executable for Amiga, thinking big.

PS. I am constrained to give this tip while everyone loves HV...

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