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It's possible to recognize problem by the screen color:

    * Dark Grey: The hardware test has been completed OK, and the registers are readable.
    * Light Grey: The software side has passed.
    * White: The initialisation is correct and the system is ready to boot.

If there is something wrong with your system you may see the following colours.

    * Red: An error was found in the ROM.
    * Green: An error was found in Chip ram.
    * Blue: An error was found in the custom chips.
    * Yellow: The CPU has found an error before the error trapping software (Guru) has been activated.

These problems could be caused by a number of things such as a loose chip or board. The red screen may be caused by a loose Kickstart chip that can be fixed by pressing down on the ROM to check it is fitted correctly. Another cause could be a connection problems between the chip and socket that can be solved by straightening an bent pins. Alternatively, the green screen could be caused by a loose memory board, SIMM, or a loose RAM chip on the memory board. If reattaching these chips do not solve the problem, try them on another Amiga.
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