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OozeAGA Freeware or Fake?

Many years ago I looked on the website of a commercial Amiga game to see if it had any updates. It did not, but the site was giving away a game for free - OozeAGA. It had it's own page with screenshots and a download. Some months, possibly even years later OozeAGA.lha appeared on Aminet, claiming to be from New Generation Software. This archive was soon discovered to be the carrier of the Bobek virus and removed:

Does anyone else remember the website? The Aminet upload would lead me to believe it was New Generation Software. I wanted an update to Trapped 2, as I was unhappy with the way it uses AGA menus with RTG and was P96 only. I certainly looked on their site but can't recall for sure it was the one.
It is possible I have got my wires crossed with Sneech/Jelly Othelly. But I do recall recognizing this archive when it appeared on Aminet. In any event the infection alone does not prove the Aminet archive was fake. Did the author, Josh Farley, have any connection to New Generation Sofware? He does mention working on a commercial Amiga game in the Ooze guide. If it was a fake why implicate NGS?
All the files in the archive are dated January but it was uploaded to Aminet in April. Which fits with it being available elsewhere previously.
I still have the Aminet download, but can't find the earlier download - it may turn up somewhere... if it exists.
I have put a virus stripped copy in the Zone - use at your own risk...
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