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Always a shame to hear of battery leaking damaging machines. The bad news is that even if you've removed the battery the damage is still continuing. The gunk that's spewed out of the battery is alkaline, and eats the copper traces on the motherboard in a rather nasty cascade effect which will spread over time.

You've removed the battery, which is the first step, but now you need to apply a weak acid - either lemon juice or distilled vinegar - to the affected area to neutralise the alkaline. No need to drown the entire board, but just make sure any part that's suffered gunk contamination gets treated. Let it sit for a while, then mop up the acid, and clean the area with isopropanol.

Unfortunately, that rigmarole won't fix your A500+, it will just stop it getting any worse. To get it working again you'll need to figure out which tracks have been eaten through and try to repair them.
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