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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
Here are some lines from SnoopDOS output, regarding Netsurf. I´ll cropped out the lines, that are "FAIL(ed)", maybe this gives you a clue or a hint to follow?
ixnet.library fail - did you copy it to Libs: from the Netsurf archive?
usergroup.library fail - did you not install Genesis from the OS3.9 CD? An old version of the library is also in the Netsurf archive. Make sure you have AmiTCP: assigned to Libs: if you want to use this one. Also make sure that Tcp is in Devs/DOSDrivers/ and inet-handler is in L:

Originally Posted by elowan View Post
For the Fonts: i did the install, like you suggested. But they´re ... uuhmm.. not crips and clear (see screenshot). In AfAos prefs i can choose "Text" and Reduce antialias... but it dont seem to adjust a thing. What could i do / install to make the fonts look sharper?
AfAOS prefs should work... usually to make things worse.
I have Reduce Antialiasing and Enhance Contrast set to 0.
Also remember that those default font sizes are to allow for low resolution screens. You could scale them up to 15/16/16 at least.
Backgrounds also have an effect - too light or too dark will reduce readability.
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