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Originally Posted by daro2096 View Post
I have limited shelf space. Do the games lose a great deal of value if I throw away the boxes and put the discs and manuals in binder pouches?
Don't throw the boxes away! NO!

Boxes are the best thing with the old games, they're not boring DVD cases. For collectors the boxes are the most valuable thing, disks or their condition doesn't matter that much, because you can always get new disk images from the net.

If you don't want the boxes I'm sure there are many people willing to buy just boxes without disks, but in any case don't trash them!

It's funny that some people (in our public Amiga shows for example) have thought that those good old game boxes are some sort of board games (which are popular nowadays) and they don't seem to have any idea how computer games were sold before DVD era.
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