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Problem to run the game

Hello Amiga friends,

I have a problem to start this game.
Maybe on of you can help me.
I play crystal dragon with WinUAE 2.50
I emulate an A4000
32 MB (2 MB Chip, 32 MB 32 Bit Chip),
I install it on a hard disk.
After starting the game i became i error message.
"Number out of range" + Guru
8000 0006 10057CD0
I try to use to play the game on disk, but after the first screen,
a black screen appears and nothing happens.

I try to use the Amiga 500.
On hard disk i get the same error.
On Disk the same problem.
I use chip 1 MB and slow 1 MB

Has anybody an idea, please?
Does anybody has try to run this game? Does it run?

Sorry about my english, but it is not my first language.

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