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Well, hello!

Snowy greetings from the Nordic land of Sweden.

Following are some pictures of my Commodore park that I've been growing since I got my first C64 back in -87 (inherited from my brother who bought it in -84). Got my first own Amiga -91... and never been without one since then.

The specs on these machines are the following:
  • C64, MMC Retro Replay.
  • A600, 2MB RAM, 6.5GB HD.
  • A1200, Blizzard060@50MHz, 64MB RAM, 16GB CF-HD, DVD-RW, Wlan, USB, Indivision AGA.
  • A4000, CS060@50MHz, 64MB RAM, 30GB HD, DVD-RW, Ariadne ethernet, Prelude ljudkort, PicassoIV, USB.
  • CD32+SX1, 8MB RAM, 32MB CF-HD.

Have a nice day...

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