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I appreciate all your help, but you are obviously not always right

How long have I been playing Amiga games? Well, that depends.
I have one of the 1st Amiga 1000 from 1985 sitting in my basement and an Amiga 2000 sitting right next to it. Both are boxed and have been untouched for more than 10 years for reasons that should be fairly obvious.

Then I lost touch with the Amiga scene, particularly after Amiga went out of business.

I am not a big computer game player, but some stuff tickeled my fancy when the Amiga was new and way superior to anything else on the market: Arkanoid and Marble Madness. After I buried the Amigas I forgot about these games too until just recently. It was then that I realized that nothing comparable existed in the PC world. Yes, there are Arkanoid clones, but somehow they seemed inferior. And I have not come across a Marble Madness clone in the PC world, which is unfortunate, really.

That's when I started to investigate the world of emulators and was really surprised to find what I was looking for. That was two days ago.

So, my vast Amiga experience was with the 2000, and that many many moons ago. Emulators are different beasts than the actual hardware. I followed the excellent instructions on the Jambo! site. Unfortunately, these instructions deal with a much more complicated setup than early games would need or tolerate. That's wher I got stuck, and that's why I was looking for help. Something forums as this are great for.

Sorry to say, but all the advise I received, including yours, left some important information to the imagination. That's why I struggeled and why it took me much more time than expected.
The settings alone do not cut it, and at least one important setting was never mentioned. The latter caused all the trouble actually because I had tried all the other stuff you and others mentioned to no avail.

Now I am running Marble Madness with a 68020 setting, with AGA and all the other fancy RAM, ROM and Sound settings w/o a problem. Obviously a minimalistic system was not the key, the solution was elsewhere!

So you see, even a newbie in the Amiga emulator scene can teach something, at least to the ones that are willing to listen.

By the way, I don't want to sound like an ass either, honest

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