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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post

Can you do a guide on how you made the HAM8 movie (tools used etc), I tried and failed miserably
Anything for the person who is converting DosBOX for Amiga AGA GIVING AMIGA 1200/4000 A WHOLE MEANING OF ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM hehehe..

Simple: You use the famous Total Video Converter program to convert the video in rawless avi video, as usual.

When you have done that successfully then you use the other program called VirtualDub, in the filter setting you resize it to 320 X 200, you add the error dithering filter. In the frame rate you convert it to 25 fps and set the audio to match it. Check in under amigaclassicrule posts..there when I mention ren and stimpy you will find in the second page or third (kind remember) the fps rate that match the correct audio khz so that they synch together. I tend to make all my videos 25 fps with the correct audio khz and they synch both audio and video 100% all the time.

In the color depth of VirtualDub set it to 24 Bit RGB (888). Then use avi4hvaga version and then use hamaga to run your movie in aga. THE END RESULT ALL THE VIDEOs in AGA look 100% like normal DVD in 32 bit color in Windows instead of the crap 16 bit RGB that looks still low end quality in Amiga. I am thinking of reconverting feast 3 from normal ocs/ecs to aga only. In fact from here and going on...all my movies when converted is going to be AGA only. I am planning to host my movies for download through Amiga 1200. So if anyone decides to hack my computer they will be disappointed because no virus or adware or spyware will work on A1200.

I will post in how to turn my A1200 into a server and how to secure files from deletion...and then people can just download movies from my A1200. I may ask aminet if I can upload 6 GB worth of file in this case I would just upload my movies in aminet and you guys can download it. If I cannot contribute in the Amiga in making games as fast enough I can at least do it by releasing movies to be run on Amiga classic.
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