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ARGH! I just wrote a message and after getting an error mesage that the file i was trying to attach was too0 big, it didnt let me edit my message, thus I have to write it again, and I cant be arsed to write that much!!!

in brief: SF2XR's controls will suck to me, specially with that dinky littlew D-Pad. How hard is it to pull Supers?

And about Pacman Collection.. I'm not wrong. Look at the attached pic. There is no way those two games are similar. the vision change has screwed up the gameplay completely. Yes I am picky, and PacMania is one of my faves. It pisses me off that they throw such a piece of shovelware, because the GBA CAN handle a near-pixel-perfect port of the game, just like the X68000

You forgot one game to look for: Gradius a _NEW_ ,_Gradius_, !!2D!! game!!

can't wait

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