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Originally Posted by attila06 View Post
I agree 100%. But I have made the following conversions to the Amiga:

1) Full working movie called Feast 3 (Normal HAM: Works in all the Amiga models)
2) Full working movie called Epic Movie (HAM8: Works only in AGA Amiga models)
3) Full working episode of Ren and Stimpies total four. (Normal HAM: Works in all Amiga models)

If anybody have an FTP server they don't mind me sending them to them I will be more than happy. They are a bit too big for a normal file sharing website online, for example Feast3 is 6 GB and epic movie is 7 GB. There is an NTFS file reading system in aminet that allows Amiga to READ ONLY NTFS this allows people to have external HD in NTFS and upload all their Amiga movies there and using either SCSI or USB to watch movies in their classic Amiga.
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