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I started from scratch and finally I was successful

I obviously was wrong with blaming the problems on the WinUAE version I was using

Building from ground up I found out that basically all settings work with one exception (see later) if the CPU setting is 68020 or less.

68020+FPU does not work at all
68040 does not work only works partially, e.g. sound is screwed up

Kickstart 1.3 works if Marble Madness is booted from floppy, even if booted first into WB1.3.

However, strangely enough this setup does not work if a "hardfile" is added to the configuration.

I can also run Marble Madness from a special HD version with Kickstart/WB 3.1 as long as the CPU is set to 68020 or less.

I have one issue left. Using the default Game and I/O port configuration the PC Mouse is assigned to Amiga Mouse Port 0, and Amiga Mouse Port 1 has the PC Joystick 0. This config is necessary to maneuver with the mouse up to selecting "Mouse" and "Go" in Marble Madness. However, to be able to maneuver the marble in the game I have to hit F12 and swap Amiga Port 0 with Port 1 so the PC mouse is assigned to Port 1.

Is there an easier solution available?
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