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No, the wallpapers are fastened with rivets... Lol. Of couse you can put whatever

Edit: But you should remap the wallpaper to use 16 colors with Rebel's palette. If you find any nice I can make it for you.
And also remember you can use more colors, so it depends.

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Looks much better in HighGFX, these Icons really need RTG or at least HighGFX to bring out the best, they're a little cramped in AGA only.
In fact, Fitzsteve, if you are using a B1260 you can change it to use till 256 colors; as PeterK says they will look just... better (than ever). In my video I'm using 16, but I also can use 256 with my ACA, although I better stay with 64 'cause of the speed and ram.

Also, if you are using this just under emulation, you can use 256 colors perfectly fine. If you want to use 060 you should install the libraries from

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