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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
Netsurf complains "68040 Math emulation code not found" and "Need at least ixemul.library version 63".
The first thing - is this some problem with fs-uae emulation?
The 2nd is a missing library, i guess. Right now, i´ve only ixemul.lib version 48.
But shouldn´t Netsurf install ixemul.-libs and other needed files? Afair, the Netsurf installer said so
Yes, Netsurf should have installed these libs... You can copy them from the libs drawer in the Netsurf archive. Might be a good idea to copy the contents of the C, L and Devs drawers as well.
Don't know anything about fs-uae - are you emulating an FPU? This is required by Netsurf.
TTF_Manager comes with AfAOS and should have been installed in prefs.
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