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Why are my partitions not showing up?

I posted this on Amibay but no replies so thought I would try here.

I just bought a new 160gb hd, i'm using an IDE-Fix 97 buffered interface. I've got The 160gb hd on the first channel as master and a DVD drive as slave. Then on the other channel I have my old 20gb hard drive as master and a CF-IDE adapter as the slave. Partitioned: 160GB: 1.6gb & 2x half of what was left; 20GB: 2gb & 17gb; CF: 200mb & 3.5gb. All using SFS and i'm using Classic WB Adv with IDE Fix installed.

Okay so I set it all up and last night got booted up and all partitions and DVD drive were present, I began to edit the menu's in scalos and while doing do the os suddenly crashed due to a software failure. On the reboot only the first partition of each hd appears on WB now, the CF card still shows both partitions and the DVD drive is working too.

When I boot from cold all the partitions on the 160gb drive show up in the early boot window (EBW), after WB loads and idefix kicks in if I go back into the EBW then it sees all hard disks and partitions on all devices.

So I let WB load but again only the first partition on each hard drive shows up. I load up HDToolBox for a look and it sees all the partitions, all are set to automount, all have SFS as the file system and 50 buffers each. The identifier, mask and transfer rate are all correct for SFS (0x53465300 / 0x7ffffffe / 0x1fe00) and nothing has been changed since the earlier crash.

What is wrong here? I don't understand how everything was fine then after a simple software crash I can't get my big partitions back. I've been going round in circles for hours here getting nowhere, hopefully it's something simple someone can point out to me.

If I open up a shell and try to cd to a missing partition it gives the error "DH1: not enough memory available" and the same happens for DH2 and HD1. My startup sequence has the commands loadide reset quiet and idefix as some of the first entries next to setpatch (just after the script to check for lmb or rmb on boot).

Someone please solve this mystery for me as i'm getting nowhere with it

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