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Amazing work, Jim. I had been looking for a more 'gaming-friendly' alternative to iGame and this fits the bill perfectly. I no longer need to use the mouse to navigate to the game of choice - the joystick control is spot on.

I had a few things to ask/give feedback on, as you seem very open and willing to listen which is great

Firstly, I don't really use my Amiga A1200 for anything other than gaming. Is there anything I can do to my Amiga's setup to make it automatically load X-bEnCh upon booting up? (I am currently using ClassicWB if that changes anything?)

Secondly, my only gripe with X-bEnCh is that upon choosing a game from the list, it then half fades to black with the WHDLoad dialogue box not showing. Is this the correct behaviour? The reason I ask is that occasionally I'm unsure as to which key is used to quit out of a WHDLoad game and I'd love to see the dialogue before playing to be aware.

And last but not least, any chance we could choose our own MOD to use as the background music to your menu system?

Aside from that, amazing stuff. Keep up the good work and thanks for making my gaming sessions much more enjoyable!
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