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Originally Posted by James View Post
That is the wrong version then, you need the one from WBStartEmu.lha

The DejaVU fonts can be downloaded from here:
I would also recommend installing the MS Core fonts.
The last versions can be found on their page on
This site is also offering them, but I have not tried downloading from them:
They are .exe files but can be extracted via UnArc.
I checked again, in LIBS i got "wbstartup.library (2.2 07/16/01)" the same file is in the wbstartemu.lha (it must be, because copied it over from there)
Sorry, my previous post was not correct, i stated "WBStartup++", but i got it form "WBStartupemu"

For the fonts: wich ones to take? The versions for Windows 3.1 or the 2000, XP version (they got the "32" addition)?

For OWB i´ll let go for now and the Netsurf (the one from AmiKit, because i tested it a bit and it´s very fast and displays most of my visited sites, correct)

I´ll give OWB a try, later on.
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