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Originally Posted by James View Post
That is the wrong version then, you need the one from WBStartEmu.lha

The DejaVU fonts can be downloaded from here:
I would also recommend installing the MS Core fonts.
The last versions can be found on their page on
This site is also offering them, but I have not tried downloading from them:
They are .exe files but can be extracted via UnArc.
I checked again, in LIBS i got "wbstartup.library (2.2 07/16/01)" the same file is in the wbstartemu.lha (it must be, because copied it over from there)
Sorry, my previous post was not correct, i stated "WBStartup++", but i got it form "WBStartupemu"

For the fonts: wich ones to take? The versions for Windows 3.1 or the 2000, XP version (they got the "32" addition)?

For OWB ill let go for now and the Netsurf (the one from AmiKit, because i tested it a bit and its very fast and displays most of my visited sites, correct)

Ill give OWB a try, later on.
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