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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
I clicked wbstartup.library, "Information" - it says Version 2.2 (it´s the file from the WBStartup++.lha archiv, i copied to this folder).
That is the wrong version then, you need the one from WBStartEmu.lha

Originally Posted by elowan View Post
Where i can find some fonts for 3.9? Aminet? For the "MacLikeDock" i need "Deja Vu font"
The DejaVU fonts can be downloaded from here:
I would also recommend installing the MS Core fonts.
The last versions can be found on their page on
This site is also offering them, but I have not tried downloading from them:
They are .exe files but can be extracted via UnArc.

I would recommend putting them in Fonts:TrueType/
Then instaliing them with TTF_Manager and then moving all the .font and .otag files it creates in that directory up one level to Fonts:

Originally Posted by elowan View Post
I want to install OWD 1.6 68k version - it complains about missing library "ixemul.library". i downloaded it and want to install it... But ixemul.library complains about missing program ":more". I tried google it, but no success yet. Is "more" really a program?
That file is just a text message not an installer - more is just a text reader. You can change it to use Multiview instead in the Icon Information. Assuming that is the Ixemul 63.1 archive though you needn't bother. It is just a message for OS4 and MOS users.
I have lost count of the number of times I have had to change the tool for text files. Even when people assign Multiview they often link to it via a non standard directory...

As to OWB and Ixemul there are some problems that need to be worked around.
When the author of AfA released Ixemul 63.1 an argument kicked off between him and the porter of OWB about the version number being far to high. Then strangely enough the versions of OWB released after this row (1.5 and 1.6) refused to work with either AfA or Ixemul 63.1. You may also find a couple of programs that don't work properly with Ixemul 63.1 (Abuse being one). But there are also some very useful programs that require it (FFPlay, Netsurf...).

There is a workaround however. You need to install an older version of Ixemul as well:

Then use scripts to swap between the two:

Then for the AfA/OWB problem you can install a tool like ABF that will trick OWB into thinking it is using a different library version:

This is the script I use to get OWB to work:


I have renamed OWB to OWB.exe and also installed the ARexx toolbar:

As for installing Ixemul you just need to find the libraries for your CPU name them correctly and put them in libs.

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