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Originally Posted by apex View Post
I am sorry, but for this I have to ask our programmer. There are many functions deprecated and it would be a security problem.

This is what we are doing since 6 years, but for VB5 we have to start from zero. Our programmer is no more willing to support iBrowse using templates and there are many other problems.

I think with PHP 5.4.x many other forums will also have a problem, they may do not know it at the moment...
This are the changes in php 5.3-5.4 that could break the site:

Changes that affect compatibility:

Register globals, magic quotes and safe mode were removed
The break/continue $var syntax was removed
The ini option allow_call_time_pass_reference was removed
The PHP default_charset is now "UTF-8" within the distributed php.ini files, but still defaults to ""

And the one I would think would be the problem are 'register globals'. which would be the easiest thing in the world to make a fix for.
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