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Originally Posted by apex View Post
AMIGA is still a nice hobby and I am also managing a forum since over 8 years without getting paid!
Yes, I know your forum, you mention it all the time so it's hard to miss!
What a forum has to do with coding a browser for 68k Amigas is quite a bit beyond me though!

Originally Posted by apex View Post
As I said before it would be a first step, if someone can and will do this job, more money should be no problem.
You seem to forget that coding an optimised browser for 68k Amigas is not exactly a trivial task. Money is one thing, the other thing is finding someone who will code it. As said, good luck.

Originally Posted by lukassid View Post
I'm sure people will donate on such project.
While that is most certainly true there still needs to be one (or preferrably more) coder(s) who'll actually code the browser. And there are not that many 68k coders left. Also, a browser is really not something you can "just do", people will demand a lot of features and it will be a neverending project as you also have to keep track of all bug reports and all these other "interesting" things.
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