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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
I did this and checked SYS:L , there is a file called wbstart.library... (it´s version 2.2, no higher version accepted by WBStartup++)
This could get confusing.
The version of wbstart.library I linked to above is 45.2 but, as the name of the archive implies, it is an emulation - the real library is not needed in OS3.9. So to allow software looking for the real wbstart.library to run it pretends to be version 2.2... So are you saying that you are using the library I linked to, or the real 2.2?

Originally Posted by elowan View Post
James, do you have some settings for ReqAttack, that i can borrow from you, please ?!

This contains all the images I modified for ReqAttack, buttons from AmiKIT, some MUI patterns and my prefs. If you have ReqAttack installed to SYS:ReqAttack you can extract it directly to SYS:
It will overwrite the ReqAttack toolbar images, and make the ReqAttack preferences window look really bad. Switching the MUI Toolbar setting from Image+Text to just Images will improve things a little bit. Or you can just replace them with the originals if you prefer to keep text on. (RAPImages/Mainmenu* and Editmenu*)
My "3.9 Rom" settings (for the about window) also uses Arial Bold and DejaVu (Used by OS4.1) truetype fonts. So you will need to change those settings or install the fonts...
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