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Originally Posted by papasmurf View Post
Hi there, forgive me if this problem has already been asked/solved but I have been searching the net all day for an answer.
Yesterday I dug my Amiga 500 outta loft and checked it out, it looked clean (as it was stored away in a tuff case. I loaded a couple of my games up and had a grand trip down memory lane (6hrs actually ). My problem is that when I powered it up today it was only in black/white, well shades of grey, and no matter how I connect it to the TV either with the ariel lead, as I did yesterday or with a scart, it still only displays b/w, yet yesterday all was in colour.
Can anyone help and give me some idea as to what may be a solution?
Thanks in advance Ian
Try another tv just to rule out a settings problem on the tv.
That would be my first step as its the simplest.

If not, try reseating all pluggable chips, they are known for dirty contacts causing all sorts of weird problems.
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