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Originally Posted by jonnymdye View Post
Recently acquired an Amiga CD32 with various games however was wondering if any of the following titles would be available on the CD32;
  • Flimbo's Quest
  • SWOS
  • Warlocks Quest
  • Back to the future part 2
Think I know the answer but thought I would double check!

This week I have mainly been wasting my life playing Pang, Rainbow Islands and New Zealand Story. Addicted just like I was approx 20 years ago.
All of the above games work apart from Flimbo's Quest

The problem with Flimbo's Quest is you get presented with an initial selection screen.

This would have to be patched by another WHDLoad author as Mr. Larmer is no longer around . Maybe Left for F1 and Right for F2

But if you have a keyboard for your CD32 (unlikely) the game is fully playable with a joystick.
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