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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post

I gave you only the the .icon files so you must make the drawer as well, just an empty folder with the same name as the .icon folder.

So in your directory for Icons that are a Drawer you need to have two files like:

System (this is the empty folder) (the Icon file)

Then CopyIcon should work for you.

Hope that helps


Aaahhh - that could be the solution, i guess Will try it tomorow
But - some folders (drawers) were there already, like "Commodities", "System", "Internet" - but not empty, of course.. ?!

Sorry, but i still dont get the system behind it

Or maybe... if i create a Folder (let´s say in windows explorer), named "Test" in my Work-folder.
When starting up FS-UAE and open Work: (with show all files), then "Test" is a green "drawer-box" icon.

CopyIcon or KDEView works for "Test"

When i replace the original "" with the new icon, i´d like to have for this folder, the new icon is named the same. I copy it over to my Amiga directory and overwrite the old one. Then the new icon appears in AmigaOS.

And by the way: you didn´t gave me that icons, remember?

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