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Re: Re: Re: RCK: GBA question

Ok now be honest with me, nobody is looking... you bought all those games, right? Or are you using the cute dev unit? I think Ill buy one in a couple of months, Im interested in sound development (did you hear Purple Motion is tracking for the GBA??)
I always buy all the great games. (a lot of RPG)
And the dev kit is usefull for testing the others.

The dev for the GBA is going to be huge !
All games companies considered the GBA as the new PSX now.

I want a platformer, and Castlevania seems nice. But Ive been looking onto Klonoa as well...
Klonoa is not quite good, Castlevania is the best title from all the actual platform games.

And about SF2XR... does it play well with the shitty GBA controller? (its the only thing about the GBA I hate, the controller)
hum... if you now arrive to access well the L & R button in Mario Kart, my answer is YES
the gameplay of SF2XR is as good as the arcade.

PAcMAnia in Pacman collection is a disgrace, its not even SIMILAR to the original! And they could have done a near-perfect arcade conversion, it pisses me off!
What ?!!!!
you are wrong.
Pac-man collection have four pacman game inside him:
- PM arrangement : excellent new pacman, great zic, great item, great graphic, great fun.
- PM classic : original arcade game : with or without scrolling
- Pac attack : tetric like with good puzzle
- Pacmania : original arcade game.

Is it really going to be Mario World? If so, Im in! Im looking forward to Yoshi's Island though.. [/B]
Yes ! Yes! Yes !!!!!!!
no new about Yoshi's Island for the moment.
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