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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
What's wrong with opening icon information and dragging the new icon over the old one?
This will change the image as long as the RAWBInfo patch in the AfAOS distribution has been applied, but sadly it will also change the icon type in some cases. E.g. Copy a tool icon image to a project icon and the project icon will become a tool icon losing any extra information.

Originally Posted by elowan View Post
... and another icon-related question:

When creating a new folder for example, it gets a OS3.9 icon (the green Drawers).

Is there a way to change this icon into another one? For example a blue or red one?

Open the env-archive folder in Prefs (show all) then open the sys folder and you will see all the def_icons apart from disk icons. They can then be changed in the usual way. The disk icons are hidden so you will have to copy over them with the icons you want.

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