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Have you tried just booting off the Marble Madness disk yet? It sounds like you haven't, but I could be mis-reading

I tried the TOSEC version, "Marble Madness (1986) (EOA)" with the following configs:

68000, A500 speed, more compatible
512k chip (ONLY)
kick 1.2
Full collision
100% sound


68000, A500 speed, more compatible
1MB chip
kick 1.3
Full ECS
Full collision
100% sound

I managed to beat the first 3 levels with both configs. No Workbench, no hardfiles. Just booting off the floppy (which boots to Workbench 1.2). Sounds like your ADF might be corrupt.

Also, the only way for a PC to actually read an Amiga formatted disk is if you install a Catweasel floppy controller (prefer MK3, supported by WinUAE 0.8.22R4).
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